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Do you support secure (SSL) Jabber connections? Description
We do!

In order for secure Jabber to work, you must have a secure certificate already set up for the domain you're using jabber on.

That's it! If secure service is already running on that domain, then when you set up jabber users on that domain you'll be able to use jabber securely!

Not all Jabber clients actually support SSL connections, so if you're interested in this, make sure you check out if your client does.

Last updated: Dec 15, 2005.

User Post (2005-10-18 13:19:47 by mir)
Just an update - this does not work with the self-signed certificates that you get when you set up secure web service for a domain (those only work for web traffic).
User Post (2005-10-26 10:21:29 by intgr2)
Self-signed certificates by all means should work. However, your Jabber client might complain about the certificate not being signed by a trusted CA.