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Question   How do I add a new Jabber user?
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How do I add a new Jabber user?
Just go to the "Goodies > Jabber IM" of our web panel and click the link to "Create New Jabber User".

Then you just have to enter the username you'd like to set up, select the domain (only fully-hosted domains may have jabber set up on them), and set their password. Once you submit that form your new user will be created on the server within five minutes and you'll be able to connect through any Jabber client!

Last updated: Jul 22, 2002.

User Post (2005-12-16 19:54:56 by hone02)
can I have it so people make their own user w/o an admin?
User Post (2005-05-17 19:31:51 by chopsticks)
yep, longer than 5 min. but Trillian PRO works great (over my SECURE jabber on my domain!)
User Post (2005-02-22 19:56:15 by tomatoegge)
It takes a bit longer than 5 minutes for a user to go active, in my recent experience. So, don't worry if it doesn't turn at first. Great service.