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Question   What Jabber client software do you recommend?
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2. What Jabber client software do you recommend?
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What Jabber client software do you recommend?
There are gobs and gobs of them!

Our personal favorites are:


  • Pandion
  • Trillian Pro
  • Vista
  • PSI
  • Yabber
  • Exodus


  • Proteus
  • PSI
  • Adium X


  • Gabber
  • Konverse
  • PSI
  • Gaim



    Last updated: Oct 17, 2005.

  • User Post (2005-09-13 14:56:04 by nikjft)
    For Mac users, Apple's iChat (free with MacOS X) supports Jabber as of MacOS X 10.3+.


    Fire is a great open source, multi-protocol client that supports Jabber.

    User Post (2005-04-03 13:39:24 by raph)
    Very good client flash based(not web based tho)
    User Post (2004-12-31 06:16:32 by rdonkin)
    Miranda is a really good Windows client for Jabber - open source and has hundreds of plugins, including handy smiley packs to help smooth migration from Yahoo Messenger, AIM and so on (people grow to love those smileys ...) - details at http://www.miranda-im.org/

    For Palm, the best Jabber client I've found is Chatopus - http://www.chatopus.com/ - requires Palm OS 4.0 or higher and works well on my Treo 600. This monitors incoming messages in background so you can get an alert on new messages once logged in.

    Some handy articles on useful Jabber-accessible services (e.g. send SMS via Jabber, get RSS feeds via Jabber, integration with two Yahoo Messenger accounts, dictionary lookup) are at http://www.chatopus.com/articles/ - written for Chatopus but applicable to any Jabber client.
    User Post (2003-10-29 20:30:25 by mythopoetica)
    I think JAJC is pretty ok, but I can't figure out how to get file transfers via it
    User Post (2003-06-11 18:35:06 by akeni)
    Please try Akeni Jabber Messenger, available for download at
    www.akeni.com. We have version available for Linux and Windows XP/2000/NT/98.
    User Post (2002-11-20 12:01:10 by silentway)
    Another for Mac OS X,