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Question   Why would I use Jabber instead of another IM service?
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Why would I use Jabber instead of another IM service?
Basically for the same reasons you'd use Internet email instead of the old mail services offered by online services a decade ago. Also for the same reasons you'd use gnutella instead of napster.

  • Jabber is decentralized. There is no one point of failure for communications. This also means you are in control of your own instant messaging destiny, rather than being at the mercy of AOL, Microsoft, or Yahoo.
  • Jabber is open. No company controls the protocol, and anybody can (and has) written plug-ins and clients for it. Jabber can also communicate with all the major proprietary IM systems through public gateways.
Of course there are also some purely aesthetic reasons to use Jabber too..
  • You can make your IM address be the same as your email address (@yourowndomain.com even!), rather than something like 19015012 or some strange AOL screen name!
  • Jabber supports "resources" which are multiple locations for the same user account. No more setting up multiple accounts for your home, work, and laptop! In Jabber you just have user@domain.com/home, user@domain.com/work, and user@domain.com/laptop.
  • Impress your friends and coworkers by being so knowledgeable about this cutting-edge technology that's just beginning to show up on the mainstream radar! :)

Last updated: Jul 22, 2002.

User Post (2005-10-26 10:26:17 by intgr2)
There's also the advantage that Google Talk uses Jabber. Which means you'll be able to talk with Google Talk users once its beta testing period is over.