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Question   Eyenetics.com - April 2002
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Eyenetics.com - April 2002

The official web site of the late Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes.

Last updated: Apr 30, 2002.

User Post (2003-01-20 18:38:05 by bosmun)
I think somebody needs to go back to school and learn how to spell.Anyway, word up to tlc.I think yall are fine the way yall are.
User Post (2002-11-21 13:57:13 by pokka)
chili your mom and my mom had just met and they had become friends you said that you wonted to become amodle and isaid teasely thatme to and ialso said that some times dreams dont always come true and ialsosaid that ive always wonted to becom easingeras achild but some how another ihurt your feelings and you started tocry and iapologize d for that and im happy to see that your dreams did come true you was always atru friend chili. thanks sign sheryl jones.
User Post (2002-11-21 13:48:11 by pokka)
hi id like to say that im really saden by the death of lisa lefteye lopes cause she was really a insperation to me and she made me laugh when nothing else could on record and may the other membersof tlc . find the strength and courage to move past this pain and just live and let god make away for you to find another group member to fill that viod that looosing lisa left come on lisa would wont you guys to fill that emptyspace if not now then when yourre ready nobody wonts force theissue we just wont you guys to be a3 sum a3member group and all this talk about not wonting to perform again child cheese you guys were born to be onstage yall gots empecable talant ok re place lisa with raina her sister or theother one orwith whom ever yall decide fits the position . my heart felt condolenses goes out to you all in the biggestway tlc was ment to be tlc.let the l represent lopes youll still have thel but only itll be lisas sister representing lisa and tlc. will be tlc. always and you guyswont haveto drop any of theletters or change your name.sign sheryl ps its just athought ok take some time to think about it its yalls decision not mine thefinal thought is left up to you tboz and chilli iknow youchilli you and iuse to play together when we was kids intuscaloosa back in 78 or 79 0r 80some where in there andthis was before you moved to atlanta ga.
User Post (2002-10-08 16:10:40 by mansur)
i love this site, i think they should add tlcfans.com on links