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Question   How do I get my free Secure Server (Level 4 hosting plan only)?
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How do I get my free Secure Server (Level 4 hosting plan only)?
We do not yet have the free secure server streamlined, but that doesn't mean we'll hold back on our promise. In order to get your free secure server you will need to follow these steps:

1. First add domain through the Domains::Add Domain panel.
2. Add an ip from the Domains::Ip tab to the domain to be secure.
3. Go to either Domains::Manage or Domains::Web and add "https" service to the domain. From manage you will first click to add service then you'll click to add secure web service. From Web you just click add "https".
4. Follow the instructions for creating the CSR/KEY for the domain. Use the form provided to generate your CSR/KEY, don't worry, in step 5 you will request to remove the $10 CSR generation charge. Ignore all the GeoTrust information. We will handle everything for you.
5. This is the most important step. Contact technical support and supply them with the following information:

- your CSR (you will get this when you go through secure server panel)

- tell us that this is the free secure server that comes with your strictly business plan and ask to have the $10 charge removed for generating the CSR/KEY.

We'll also need the following information that we will be using in order to request your certificate from GeoTrust:

- Administrator contact person (First name, Last name, Telephone number, and email address)

- Approval Email Address: This is where an approval email will be sent asking you to approve the certificate request. Please make an alias for one of the following addresses and make sure it forwards to a mailbox that you check multiple times daily. You will need to create one of the following aliases and let us know which one you choose:
admin, administrator, hostmaster, root, ssladmin, sysadmin, or webmaster@secure.domain.com or @domain.com
So create one of the aliases above going to your most frequently checked mailbox. (you only need one)

Email all that info to tech support and then you'll be all set with the free secure server. It should take no longer than an hour depending on how fast we see the request and how fast you respond to the approval email that GeoTrust sends out to you at the above mentioned alias.

Last updated: Jan 27, 2004.