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Question   How do I transfer my registrar from or to DreamHost?
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1. How do I transfer my registrar from or to DreamHost?
2. How do I transfer my hosting from or to Domainitron.com/DreamHost?
3. Is there a fee to transfer registration to you?
4. Why would I want to transfer my domain registration?

How do I transfer my registrar from or to DreamHost?
Transferring registrars is done by contacting the new registrar and telling them you wish to move your domain registration over to them.

To tell us you wish to transfer a domain to us, you simply have to use the "Request Transfer" form at the "Domain > Transfer" area. This will result in you getting an email at the admin contact address for your domain within a few hours. If you follow the instructions in that email, you'll be able to approve the transfer to us!

To transfer your registration away from us, you should just contact the new registrar. They will give you further instructions. Once we've received the transfer request from them, we will notify you and you should return to the "Domain > Transfer" area and click either the "Approve" or "Deny" links that will have appeared on the page for that domain.

Last updated: May 03, 2004.

Official Reply (2003-03-12 15:26:40 )
Just some made up "organization" that owns the domain. It can be your name, or your company, or whatever!
User Post (2005-10-24 12:24:34 by ettinger)
Ok, so I see it's possible to move.

I toook a look at the interface. I don't see anyway to point my domain to an ip (for dns).

ie - with my other registrar, I can map: dns1.me.com and dns2.me.com to my own ip numbers (outside of dreamhost hosting).

because I will run my own dns servers.

Also, would be nice to have a default public info set of addresses/names. Obviously, I don't want to put my home address in the technical contact, etc. as dreamhost does now.
User Post (2003-03-11 18:49:30 by eonarts)
What does ORG mean in the form to transfer my domain to you all?