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Question   How do I update my dns (domain name servers)?
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1. How do I update my dns (domain name servers)?
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How do I update my dns (domain name servers)?
It's easy to change the domain name servers tied to your domain registration record. These servers basically tell the rest of the Internet where your site is hosted, so it's important to have these correct! Nothing will work with your domain if they aren't set right!

Simply check the checkbox next to each domain you want to change the nameservers for, and then click the "Modify Checked" button. If you don't see a domain in the list, it means you didn't register it with us! In that case, you'll have to go to the registrar you originally used to register your domain!

Then you just need to enter the new name servers you'd like to use for your domain in the fields shown. The 3rd and 4th name servers are optional, most hosts don't actually provide one. The changes will take effect within 20 minutes of you submitting the form, however it can take one to two days for the new DNS information to become available to everyone on the Internet. You must be patient when changing DNS servers!

If you are using our hosting services (including free parking/redirection)you should use these name servers:


Last updated: May 03, 2004.

User Post (2004-05-27 05:45:48 by happybastard)
Many places use up to 5 name servers for their resolution, but do not use more than the 3 listed here otherwise the name server transfer will be rejected. Also, do not use the IP addresses listed with the names.