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Question   Can I edit my website without downloading it?
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Can I edit my website without downloading it?

If your plan has shell access you can telnet or SSH to your web directory. From there, you can use pico, vi, or emacs to edit your web pages.

Last updated: Feb 13, 2002.

User Post (2005-02-26 20:46:14 by luptonma)
@ home1

When you log in via ftp (or telnet or SSH) you should end up in /home/mysite.com and there will be a folder named mysite.com. Anything in this folder will be accessed by web browsers that point to http:\\www.mysite.com. So if your site is www.home1.com you should look in your home directory for a folder named home1.com and put index.html in there. If there is no such directory try creating one.

Max L.
User Post (2003-11-07 10:03:05 by jplummer)
When you telnet in, you are usually dropped into ~/username, your home directory. In general, the files for a site are found in ~/username/domain.ext
User Post (2002-11-07 06:56:11 by home1)
But where should I put the files? I use vi all the time, but where is "pubic_html"? If I edit an index.html from the shell in my home directory, it's not accessible from a browser... maybe I have to ftp first? I'll try that.