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Question   receiving bounced messages for your mailing list
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receiving bounced messages for your mailing list
How do I set up my mailing list so that I get notified when email is bounced from addresses on the list?

In order to get the "bounced" messages for your mailing list, you need to set up an email alias (address) called "listname@domain.com," where these messages can be sent. So, for example, if your list is called "customers," and your domain is "mybiz.com," you need to create an email alias called "customers@mybiz.com."

If you have set up a default email address to catch all incoming email to your domain (except for that mail covered by other addresses you have already created), this should also catch the "bounced" messages, though you might want to set up "listname@domain.com" anyway, just in case.

To learn more about aliases and how to set them up, check out the "related links" in the column to the left of this window.

Last updated: Jul 24, 2001.