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Question   What do I need to put up a website?
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What do I need to put up a website?
To put up a website, you need the following:
  1. An address where people can find your site (domain name, subdomain, URL):

    Through DreamHost, you can register a domain or request a DreamHost subdomain (ie. "yoursite.dreamhost.com"), choosing the name that best fits your needs.

  2. Somewhere to put your pages (FTP Space, webspace, hosting):

    Web Hosting through DreamHost will provide a home for your website on our ultra-reliable servers .

    Some Internet Service Providers give their customers a small amount of FTP space as part of their account, but generally that space will automatically be called something like:


    ...rather than a name that you choose.

  3. Your web page files:

    These are pages that you write yourself, generally in HTML code, along with images, programs, etc. that you want people to be able to access when they come to your site.

These are the three basic things you need to put your site on the web. For more detailed information, please see the articles in the Related Links column to the left of this window. Have fun!

Last updated: Aug 21, 2003.