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Question   Accessing your QuickTime Streaming server.
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1. Accessing your QuickTime Streaming server.
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Accessing your QuickTime Streaming server.
You can access your QuickTime movie files from any QuickTime player at this URL:


The right location to upload files so that they can be streamed is:


To see the correct values for YOUR specific QuickTime Streaming Service, just go to the Goodies -> Streaming area of our web panel.

To allow a visitor to your site to launch the Quicktime Player from your page, you should create a "poster movie" with the method described on Apple's site. Then, upload your "poster movie" file to wherever you want on your web site (not your streaming server directory!) and use HTML code similar to this to embed it the streaming movie in your web page:

<embed src="poster.mov" href="rtsp://your_streaming_subdomain.com/your_streaming_subdomain.com/movie.mov" width="200" height="240" target="quicktimeplayer">

You can also use a similar method to have the movie play directly in the web page like this:

<embed src="poster.mov" href="rtsp://your_streaming_subdomain.com/your_streaming_subdomain.com/movie.mov" width="200" height="240" target="myself">

Note that these methods will only work with Netscape and compatible browsers. Internet Explorer requires the use of an Object tag to work. Check this kbase article for more information on that and here is an html snippet that incorporates both the embed tag and the object tag to have your quicktime movie play right in your web page in all browsers:

<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B"
WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="240"
<PARAM name="SRC" VALUE="poster.mov">
<PARAM name="AUTOPLAY" VALUE="true">
<embed src="poster.mov" qtsrc="rtsp://your_streaming_subdomain.com/your_streaming_subdomain.com/movie.mov" width="320" height="240" target="myself" controller="false" autoplay="true">

Last updated: Dec 15, 2003.

Official Reply (2005-02-23 18:04:30 )
A note on a user comment:
The example posted at http://www.kmcooley.com/CLINTON.HTML is very good and helpful to anyone trying to get this working. Note that that example does NOT access the QuickTime streaming server, though. That movie is streaming over http via Apache. From what I have seen on Apple's quicktime trailer site they use that same method and do not actually stream the trailers through the QuickTime streaming server. Streaming over HTTP is simpler to set up and will work well for many situations.
Official Reply (2005-02-23 18:01:28 )
Here's an update on QuickTime password authentication. Our earlier information was incorrect and mjmd's comment is correct. The qtpasswd utility IS required to successfully set up user authentication on the QuickTime server. It is not yet installed on all servers but we will be installing it soon. In the meantime if you need to use it, contact our support team and we will install it on your machine for you.
Official Reply (2004-10-26 14:08:36 )
The need for either 'qtsrc' or 'href' varies depending on if you are streaming the movie directly into the page or if you want to launch the player separately, and potentially based on other factors as well. You only need one or other so if the one you are using isn't working, try the other. The code snippets here are intended as examples that are similar to what you will need to use.
Official Reply (2003-02-28 10:26:29 )
rtsp stands for Real-Time Streaming Protocol. You are not supposed to just plug that in in place of an http url because the browser won't handle it correctly. You should be using the syntax documented in this article to include the streamed content into your site.
Official Reply (2003-01-16 17:14:53 )
I have gotten quicktime authentication to work with a test setup. It is possible. The syntax is identical to what Apache uses for htaccess based authentication.
Official Reply (2001-11-02 15:00:28 )
Sorry all! One of our data centers blocks port 555 for some reason, and we can't get them to stop. Use port '7071' instead. I've updated the documentation appropriately as well. Sorry for any confusion!

User Post (2005-12-27 21:47:22 by poeticwax)
Thanks "aaw"!!! Your suggestion worked PERFECTLY. To further define: I found a Quicktime Embed extension at Macromedia [oops - Adobe] Exchange called "Insert a QuickTime Movie, V1.0.1". And yes - it works well in DW8.
User Post (2005-02-23 16:02:46 by aaw)
The streaming server works amazingly well for me--I can seek within the file and have it pick up with essentially zero lag despite NOT having pre-loaded the movie at all.

Here's one way to do this (it's what I did) that might be easier for people to get a handle on (it assumes you have QT Pro, which you need to create hinted movies anyway):

1) Build your hinted .mov--it'll be significantly bigger than the original file.
2) Upload the hinted movie file to your streaming domain's folder.
3) Open QT Player and select "Open URL in New Player...", then type in your stream with the rtsp://streamingdomain.you.com/streamingdomain.you.com/file.mov format. It should buffer and start playing, or you did something wrong along the way.
4) Once you have that stream playing in QT player, select it all and paste it into a new, empty movie.
5) Save the new movie; it should be a very small file that references the stream for its content.
6) You can now use this small reference movie as you would any QT file on the web--have people download it, embed it, whatever--and it will connect people to the stream without them having to worry about how their browser is set to handle the rtsp protocol--so long as it knows to give a .mov file to QT, which it should, you're in business.

Worked smashingly for me. I ended up using a Javascript-based embed that I found for the reference movie, which seems to work properly cross-platform.
User Post (2005-02-13 09:24:26 by mingitup)
do I have to create my own directory in my home directory for streaming? or is it created for me?
User Post (2004-12-31 22:13:48 by mjmd)
Quicktime authentication does NOT work the way things are currently set up. The Darwin streaming server now uses a different password authentication scheme from htaccess, so you can't use your regular htpasswd file for quicktime authentication. You need to use the qtpassw utility, which regular users do not have access to. See item 3 under:


User Post (2004-12-05 15:44:51 by corbywan)
I've playes with QTSS on a box at home, its really cool. Do we, as the admins of our domains, have access to the web-based Adminitsration tools of the streaming service? I'd like to make some playlists and such for streaming.
Or are we limited to streaming via hinted files?
User Post (2004-10-30 19:11:25 by kcooley)
I wasn't very sucessful when I tried to do this according to the instructions on this page. I decided to go straight to the source (Apple). I went to their quicktime page where they stream movie trailers and looked at the code. I don't use a poster.mov and mine works fine. I embed the video on a page and it works great.

The example of mine is at http://www.kmcooley.com/CLINTON.HTML

Check it out. The video is funny and it streams on the page properly on a Mac in Safari and on an IBM using IE.

User Post (2004-09-27 17:20:28 by corbywan)
A nore for the need of Poster Movies. For those of you not wanting to pony up the money for QuickTime Pro, you can accomplish the same thing with iMovie. Import your image you want, reduce the length of it to 1 frame (iMove autimatically makes a five second clip), export it right back out as a quicktime movie, one frame per second, and reduce the size/dimensions to match your actual movie you are linking to.
More info can be found via Google searching for iMovie, poster movie.
User Post (2004-08-26 10:14:28 by jetblack)
follow the directions for the <object> and <embed> tages stated here. TIP: if you have a bunch of movies, you can save time by making just ONE poster .mov and just change the qrtsc for the feeds of the other movies, no need to make a poster .mov for EVERY movie, trust me it works :)
User Post (2004-08-16 20:52:32 by oafyc)
Here is my working code:

<OBJECT CLASSID="clsid:02BF25D5-8C17-4B23-BC80-D3488ABDDC6B" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="272" CODEBASE="http://www.apple.com/qtactivex/qtplugin.cab"> <PARAM name="SRC" VALUE="http://www.domain.com/poster.mov"> <PARAM name="AUTOPLAY" VALUE="true"> <PARAM name="CONTROLLER" VALUE="false"> <PARAM Name="HREF" VALUE="rtsp://domain.com/domain.com/movie.mov"><PARAM name="TARGET" VALUE="Myself">
<EMBED SRC="http://www.domain.com/poster.mov" WIDTH="320" HEIGHT="272" HREF="rtsp://domain.com/domain.com/movie.mov" TARGET="Myself" AUTOPLAY="true" CONTROLLER="true" PLUGINSPAGE="http://www.apple.com/quicktime/download/">


This loads and plays the poster movie without the controller and when you click the poster movie it loads the real movie with the controller.
User Post (2004-07-27 13:48:40 by applemoo)
I could not get this stupid thing to work, untill I changed:

<PARAM name="SRC" VALUE="poster.mov">

TO (second line)

<PARAM name="SRC" VALUE="poster.mov">
<PARAM name="href"


<embed src="poster.mov" qtsrc="rtsp://your_streaming_subdomain.com/your_streaming_subdomain.com/movie.mo v" width="320" height="240" target="myself" controller="false" autoplay="true">

TO (second line)

<embed src="poster.mov" href="rtsp://your_streaming_subdomain.com/your_streaming_subdomain.com/movie.mov " width="320" height="240" target="myself" controller="false" autoplay="true">
User Post (2004-06-03 13:57:37 by efort)
What is the purpose of a "Poster Movie"? I have audio files (no video) that I want to stream. What is the proper <embed> look like for that case?
User Post (2003-08-22 13:51:42 by tbagger)
I keep getting it's negotiating... why is this damn thing so hard? Any body got any idea how this works?
User Post (2003-06-18 03:16:09 by pealeaf)
I just got the streaming to work on my web site. It seems like there are some people having problems judging from the posts that are up here. I'll try lay out my methods.

1) Prepare your media properly with Quicktime pro.
a. It must be a self contained movie.
b. Movie must be hinted for streaming.
c. Save the movie with the hinted video and audio tracks enabled.
d. Create a poster movie for the embeded movie.

2) Put every thing in the right place.
a. The poster cannot go in the streaming folder on the root level of your
directory. I put mine in the images folder (example: /web_site/images)
b. Put your movie in your streaming subdomain dolder (example: /streaming.web_site.com)

3) Use the following format for your html.

<embed src="http://web_site.com/images/your_poster.mov" href="rtsp://streaming.web_site.com:7071/streaming.web_site.com/your_movie.mov" width="160" height="136" target="myself">

Change width and height based on the size of your movie. Add 16 to the height of your movie to make room for the quicktime player control bar to appear below your movie.

The above processes gave me a movie that I could click on to begin it playing. Seemed to be working for IE6 and Mozilla fine on my xp machine.
User Post (2003-06-02 12:33:27 by jkennard)
I had tons of trouble trying to get streaming to work. Then I found this document. Turns out the preferences for my own Quicktime Player were not configured. I did the auto configure and everything started working. Check it out:

User Post (2003-03-17 08:30:32 by adr2966)
I cannot get my streaming to work. I "hinted" the clip with QT Pro 6 and uploaded to streaming directory. When i try viewing the file with QT, i get the 404 error. Any suggestions?
User Post (2003-03-11 11:57:06 by aubuchon)
I've tried with my browser and with the QuickTime Player. Neither one of them is able to connect. I'm very frustrated.
User Post (2003-02-10 19:51:02 by twinnet)
Would someone provide me with any one of your own URL's that have gotten any visual streaming to work ?

Mine is:
rtsp://streaming.oceanlodgehotel.com:7071//streaming.oceanlodgehotel.com/newarou nd.mov

I have never heard of 'rtsp' ? Are you really supposed to just plug that into a browser instead of http:

Can anyone see mine ?

HELP & Thanx,


User Post (2002-05-06 19:26:33 by calidayzus)
Nope. I have been working on this for weeks, and nothing. I can't even get it to stream properly, nevertheless do user authentication.
User Post (2002-05-02 23:58:18 by calidayzus)
Anyone gotten user authentication working with Quicktime? I have a pre-existing .htpasswd file which gets written into by my iBill script, and am trying to get qtaccess to read the .htpasswd file. No luck at all so far.
User Post (2002-03-29 18:50:48 by invisibleland)
i got it to work in quicktime 5.0/but not in 4
User Post (2001-11-02 09:29:27 by lulufoto)
where do you find instructions to do this?
User Post (2001-09-23 08:42:51 by dtobias)
It won't connect for me either... the URL is:
User Post (2001-08-20 07:42:26 by matte)
Okay, got it to stream in the browser too... (change the target="quicktimeplayer" to target="myself"

Now to deal with variable speeds.

If you want some help, email matte@firmlist.com
User Post (2001-08-20 07:36:07 by matte)
I've gotten it to where it embeds the "poster movie" and when you click on the movie it launches the quicktime viewer and streams the file. But I am still trying to sucessfully get it to stream within the page.
User Post (2001-08-19 12:21:03 by spoojj)
No, I haven't. I've tried with my browser and with the QuickTime Player. Neither one of them is able to connect. I'm very frustrated.
User Post (2001-08-16 15:08:43 by jherring)
Has anybody gotten this to work yet..?