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1. Accessing your QuickTime Streaming server.
2. How do I add QuickTime Streaming Service to my account?
3. How much does QuickTime Streaming cost?
4. Supporting ActiveX for Certain Browsers

Goodies :: Streaming (QuickTime) Description
QuickTime, the basis for Apple Computer's multimedia system, is in widespread use in both professional and consumer applications. As of December 1, 2005, we currently support QuickTime 7 via Darwin Streaming Server version 5.5.

DreamHost does not support live broadcasting of audio or video content at this time. Streaming of QuickTime movie files (.mov) that have been properly prepared and "hinted" for streaming are supported.

From Apple's QuickTime information:

"QuickTime is a cross platform system-level software package for Macintosh, Windows and Java which adds the capability to play movies, synthesize music, display animations, view virtual reality worlds and add multimedia capability to the computer desktop. QuickTime is implemented as a set of extensions on the Macintosh platform and a dynamic-link library (DLL) on Windows. It can process video data, still images, animated images (also known as sprites), vector graphics, multiple sound channels, MIDI music, 3D objects, virtual reality objects, panoramas and text. The number of data formats QuickTime recognizes is impressive. Currently, more than 70 different formats can be imported or exported and as formats are added, applications created today will work with them automatically."

Last updated: Dec 01, 2005.

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Question How do I add QuickTime Streaming Service to my account?
You can add QuickTime streaming service to any DreamHost account with at least one active fully hosted domain and user account. You can add a new streaming service or view existing streaming services... (more)
Question How much does QuickTime Streaming cost?
It is included with all of our hosting plans! Remember that bandwidth used by the quicktime stream counts towards your total!
Question Accessing your QuickTime Streaming server.
You can access your QuickTime movie files from any QuickTime player at this URL: rtsp:// your_streaming_subdomain.com / your_streaming_subdomain.com /movie.mov The right location to upload f... (more)
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Question Supporting ActiveX for Certain Browsers
Windows Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 and 6.0 with QuickTime IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR WEB DEVELOPERS & WEBMASTERS Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows, versions 5.5 SP2 and 6.0 (soon to be rel... (more)
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User Post (2004-10-07 09:42:43 by brett)
If "Movie to Hinted Movie" doesn't appear in your export list when preparing media for streaming, you may need to reinstall QuickTimePro using the 'custom' rather than the 'default' installation option: be sure that the "authoring tools" option is installed.