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Question   Can I make it optional for my guests to give their email addresses?
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Can I make it optional for my guests to give their email addresses?
Yes! In fact, the default setting for this field makes the "email address" field in the sign form optional, so you don't have to do anything at all!

You can also make it a required field, so that anyone who signs your book must give an email address. Here's how:
  1. Go to http://www.dreambook.com, and log in to the Management Area.
  2. Click on the name of the book you wish to edit.
  3. Click on the Edit Fields link.
  4. Click on [Edit] mail.
  5. To make it mandatory for your guests to give an email address, check the Yes button. To make it optional, check the No button.
  6. To automatically verify whether the email address your guest gives is in the correct format (ie; someone@somewhere.com), check the Yes button under Verify.
  7. To remove the email field altogether from your sign form, click in the Confirm box at the bottom of the page, under Remove Field? Note: if you do this, you will lose all email addresses previously entered.
  8. That's all there is to it!

Last updated: Jun 08, 2001.