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Question   Bandwidth and your DreamHost account.
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Bandwidth and your DreamHost account.
What exactly is bandwidth, and how does its use apply to me as a DreamHost customer?

What Is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth the total size of all files transferred to web surfers from your site.

If the Internet were a giant sewer, it would be composed of giant pipes and smaller pipes, forming a giant grid underneath the city. Those whose computers are connected with modems would be water faucets and kitchen sinks. Those with cable modems or ADSL would be about the same as a swimming pool. DreamHost (that'd be us!) is pretty much the equivelent of a nice large resevoir holding thousands of gallons of water, ready to be shipped to the sinks and pools of the city.

From the resevoir flows great amounts of water to the citizens of this great city of web pages and streaming audio. How does it get around? Pipes. Big pipes, small pipes. Lots of pipes. DreamHost has some very large pipes - we need them, as we host a lot of sites. The larger the pipe, the more content it can carry - the more bandwidth capacity it has. Your modem has very little bandwidth capacity, but a T3 has much much more.

What This Means

Bandwidth is important. Without it, we wouldn't be able to serve all of the sites that we do. Also, keeping track of which sites consume more bandwidth is also important. Why? If a certain site is consuming a significant chunk of bandwidth, that's some that isn't being given to the other sites we host. To solve this problem, at Dreamhost we have a cap on the amount of Bandwidth a given site can use without extra charge. If you transfer less than the bandwidth allotment included with your particular hosting plan, you will not be charged extra. For most people, that means that bandwidth is practically unlimited. For those that exceed this amount, we provide extra bandwidth at competitive rates (this is so we can upgrade our bandwidth capacity to meet the demand these popular sites require). We have found that fewer than 1% of our customers ever exceed our bandwidth cap.

Determining Bandwidth Use

The bandwidth usage option at the Web Admin Panel tells you a number of things. In all cases the bandwidth usage refers to the sum of all the file sizes sent to your site's users for the period being discussed.

At the top of the page it says Bandwidth Report for Yourdomain.com. Clicking on 'yourdomain.com' will bring up a bar graph of your daily bandwidth use for the last 8 weeks. The number in the top left it the maximum number of bytes ever transferred in a single day. For example, if it says 1600000000 that means you once transferred 1600MB (1.6GB) in one day.

Next, you'll see detailed stats for yesterday. Click on that and you will get an in-depth analysis of what everyone who visited your site did the day previous. A graph will be shown similar to the last one, but with 24 hours instead of 8 weeks shown. Then, you'll see a list of all the days you chose to look at with a number to the right. The number is the amount of MB (megabytes) transferred for that day. If you click on the date, you'll get a breakdown of which files were hit and how many times each. If you click on 'referer' next to the file on that page, you'll get a list of the URLs that your visitors came from to get to that file.

What's the point of all these statistics? Hopefully you will get an idea how many people and what type of people are visiting your site. Analysis of your viewing population is very important in promoting your web site. Also, if you are paying on a bandwidth scale for use (like our adult sites) you can get an idea of how much you will be paying for the month.

Last updated: Sep 19, 2002.

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