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Question   Why doesn't my background image show up?
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Why doesn't my background image show up?
Most likely your problem is one of these three:

  1. You haven't reloaded your guestbook!

    Go to your book and press reload in your web browser (try holding shift down too) to get the newest version of your book.

  2. You have the wrong URL for your image.

    Go to the "Colors" area of the management area and see what URL you have set for your background. Cut and paste that URL into your web browser and see if the image shows up. If you get a web page and not JUST an image, or any type of error (probably 404), you have the wrong URL and should change it from there.

  3. Your image is hosted at a free hosting place that doesn't allow remote linking.

    You have to put your background image somewhere else.. say... why not try DreamHost! I hear they rock.

    Last updated: May 13, 2001.