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Question   How much does domain registration cost?
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How much does domain registration cost?
For .com, .net, .org, and .info domains, the rate is a flat $9.95/year (US). You can register as few as one domain for as short as one year and still get this price.. we have no bulk requirements of any kind. You can register these domains for 1,2,5, or 10 years at a time (all $9.95/year).

.la domains work the same, but the price is $50/year (and there are some premium domans which cost more than that).

You can also get a .com,.net,.org, or .info domain registration free with any full hosting plan from DreamHost, for as long as you keep the plan!

Last updated: Sep 23, 2005.

User Post (2005-08-04 09:49:39 by gurm)
While I'm thrilled that I get my first domain reg. free with my account here, I have always been a big fan of external DNS registration. Why? Because if I do choose to end my Dreamhost account after a year or two or three - not that I will, I like it here! - then transitioning is all handled externally in a matter of minutes. No need to do the extended "permission to change registrars" thing.
User Post (2005-01-06 16:03:46 by retrovirus)
You can easily get domains for ~$10-$15 a year from registrars like GoDaddy, gandi.net, and Domain Direct these days. Of course, DreamHost is probably easier and more user-friendly than those guys, especially if you've already got an account.