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Question   What is CSS, and do you support it?
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1. What is CSS, and do you support it?
2. I'm having a problem with a CSS file. Changes to it don't seem to take. Help?

What is CSS, and do you support it?
CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are templates that set properties like font face, size, color, background images, link properties, etc. for several web pages at once. Each of the web pages are linked to the style sheet (a text file with the extension .css) by an HTML tag. You can also have an internal style sheet that sets properties for a single page.

Style sheets make it quick and easy to change the design of an entire multi-page website: simply change the style sheet template!

Since style sheets are simply another kind of text file, we definitely support them. However, if some of your visitors have older browsers, their browsers may not.

For more information, try this informative tutorial:

W3 CSS School

Last updated: Apr 26, 2001.