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Status :: System Status Description
Note: System Status is not guaranteed accurate! It can not measure network failure downtime, system mis-configuration downtime, or some short downtimes. It is only a rough reporting of the historical uptime for your webserver's hardware.

For each of your domains you will see something roughly approximating the following table:

Here's what the various services mean:

  • http Your web site itself!
  • smtp Your ability to send email through our server.
  • pop Your ability to retrieve email from our server.
  • telnet Your ability to connect insecurely to a shell on our server.
  • ssh Your ability to connect securely to a shell on our server.
  • ftp Your ability to upload files to our server.
The uptime percentages are recalculated a few times a day... the last time they were calculated is shown in the last column!

Last updated: Jan 12, 2004.

User Post (2002-01-26 19:06:39 by gofar)
It would be nice if the MySQL uptime was visible too.