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Question   How do I change my mail password?
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How do I change my mail password?
You can change any of your passwords via the Users > Passwords area of our web panel or via our "Mailboxes" service, available at http://mailboxes.YOURDOMAIN.COM/.

Through the Web Panel

Go to Users > Passwords and find the mailbox whose password you want to change, and then enter your old password followed by the new password twice. If you don't know the old password, you can have it emailed to you (or even have us generate a new random password for you and email that to you).

Through "Mailboxes.yourdomain.com"

End-users themselves can log in at mailboxes.yourdomain.com (they don't need access to the DreamHost panel.. in fact we are completely hidden from them there), and then there's a simple form right there to change their password (as well as a lot of other stuff!).

Please note that when you change your password it will take about 15 minutes - 2 hours before it is updated on our server! So don't stress out if you can't log in with the new information right away!

The only restriction on mailbox passwords is that they be 6 or more characters long.

Note: shell users also have mail access.. but the passwords are independent of each other! For convenience, they start out the same, but if you change your mailbox password for a shell user, the shell/ftp password does not change!

Last updated: Aug 27, 2004.