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Question   Redirecting an existing domain (domain forwarding)
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Redirecting an existing domain (domain forwarding)
  1. Log in to the Account Control Panel. Select the Domains tab, and click on the Manage Domains link.

  2. You'll need to add this new domain to your account. Click the 'Add New Domain/Sub-Domain' link at the bottom of the page.
  3. Scroll down to the "Redirected" area and enter your domain and the URL you'd like to redirect it to.
  4. Click "Redirect this domain now!" and you're done (assuming you have your domain already registered and using our DNS servers!)
(To stop redirecting, just click the edit link for that domain and change it to what you'd like it to do instead!)

Last updated: Dec 05, 2005.

User Post (2005-05-09 11:22:57 by schulpsp)
2 minutes was about how long it took mine to redirect also.
User Post (2005-05-05 16:10:46 by cj82004)
When I redirected my site, the redirect took about 2 minutes. I don't know if that's normal, but hope it helps.
User Post (2005-03-24 12:59:54 by erikdeleon)
I'd also like to know how long it takes for the redirect to happen (assuming the domain doing the redirecting has already propagated).
User Post (2004-10-18 13:42:37 by usa0411)
How long does it take for the redirect to happen? Does anyone know?
User Post (2003-10-29 21:34:53 by malaprop)
If you're redirecting to another domain name, don't forget the trailing slash!

If you have example.com redirecting to example.org, set the URL to be 'http://example.org/'. Without the trailing /, someone going to 'http://example.com/page' will get redirected to 'http://example.orgpage' instead of 'http://example.org/page'.