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Question   Parking an existing domain
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Parking an existing domain
If you do not wish to host your domain at this time, domain "parking" is a convenient way of providing a temporary placeholder for your site. Visitors who try to access www.yourdomain.com will reach a one-page generic message (usually "coming soon" or "under construction" or something like that). Alternately, you can configure your domain to automatically forward visitors to any URL on the Internet, be it hosted with DreamHost or elsewhere!

Here's how to set up an existing domain for parking:

  1. Log in to the Account Control Panel. Select the Domains tab, and click on the Manage Domains link.

  2. This link takes you to the domain services management page.

  3. Click on the Edit link for the domain you wish to park.

  4. Select this button:

  5. Press the Save Web Service button, and you're done!

Last updated: Nov 12, 2005.