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Question   Why do some of the images in my DreamBook not work anymore?
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Why do some of the images in my DreamBook not work anymore?
It might be that they are hosted on Tripod, a free hosting site that recently changed their policy on letting people link to their images. You can view that policy here. Basically they've changed their system to break any images hosted by tripod that people try to show on non-tripod servers.

It looks like Geocities, Angel Fire, and Crosswinds.net also have started doing this, so images on their servers won't work anymore either!

If you're getting the "tripod image" all over your site, it's because your background image is hosted at tripod! You could just change your background to be a solid color instead..

You could sign up for DreamHost if you want to get a real web-host that doesn't have silly policies like that...

Last updated: Mar 21, 2002.

User Post (2005-03-21 16:00:01 by bettie)
Photobucket.com allows hotlinking and it's free.
User Post (2003-08-29 09:52:05 by bobryuu)
Angelfire does currently allow remote linking, please update this information
User Post (2003-06-07 09:41:53 by cw456)
> So what kind of sites DO let you link to images?

Sites that belong to the real internet.

The others belong to the rude bastardisation of internetworking technologies that the world wide web has become in the past 10 years when commercial interests flooded the bandwidth.

A similar thing happened with television. It used to be one could actually watch program content for several minutes before being interrupted by commerical messages. Not any more. This has rendered the broadcast and cable parts of television, as a vehicle for entertainment, useless.

This is in the process of taking place for the web. The first large concern that stopped serving remote images that I became aware of was Yahoo. Jerry Yang should be ashamed, and I wrote to him and said so.

Ad blocking software and cookie cutters are one alternative. To make sure your images get served, either place them locally to the site where they appear, or serve them yourself from a location for which you have paid.

That is about the only sure way I know of.

We need a pc manufacturer who provides a sort of tivo-like commercial skipping software bundled with the pc, that the user can control.

User Post (2002-08-02 07:28:43 by carbraxas)
Free web hosting services such as bravenet don't allow what they call 'hotlinking' that's linking an image from their server to another server like dreambook. The only way to guarantee 100% success with images is to pay for a .com and web space of your own!
User Post (2002-05-19 22:26:02 by angelus)
My personaly ISP offers it, mostly because I pay for we-hosting already within my monthly bill.
User Post (2002-05-14 10:48:40 by phyllisahoe)
Isn't it better to just simply download and save the image you want, put it into ur page using whatever web-authoring software you're using and then upload it to your webhost server so that you don't ever get problems like that?
User Post (2002-03-22 12:12:34 by kiraya)
So what kind of sites DO let you link to images?