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Question   How do I create a new Announcement List?
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How do I create a new Announcement List?
  1. Go to the "Mail > Announce Lists" area of our web panel.

  2. Click the Add New Announce List link.

  3. Give your list a name.

  4. Provide a return address for your list (this will appear in the "From" line in the email).

  5. Give your list a default subject line (this will appear as the subject heading of the email).

  6. Enter the email addresses of the initial members of the list.

  7. Click the Create This List link, and you're done.

Please note that you may not use this feature to send unsolicited bulk email (also known as spam) - that is, email sent to people who have not specifically requested it. This includes so-called "opt-in" lists that you may have purchased from a 3rd party.

We take spam complaints very seriously, and non-compliance with this policy may result in the cancellation of your account. If you need to know more about what is and isn't acceptable, please view our spam policies and resources page.

Last updated: Dec 13, 2004.

User Post (2003-10-12 21:14:21 by auryn)
What characters are NOT allowed in the list names?
I want to create lists such as listohio-18, listohio18-20, and listohio21+
I will need to create MANY like this, so I want to make sure the characters of (-) and (+) will be accepted. Anyone know
User Post (2003-09-02 18:34:35 by silentway)
If you want to give a user privileges to administer an announcement mail list and send out announcements but you DON'T want to give them access to the rest of your Control Panel, use the 'Account Privileges' section under the Home tab of the DreamHost control panel:


Create the user and the email list first. Then, go to that panel logged in under your master WebID and grant that user access to that particular email list. A regular user won't work- you'll have to upgrade them to a "Web ID". Tell them to go straight to:


And they will log in as that new (restricted) Web ID. They will only have access to that one control panel and that one email list.

Nicely done, DH!

If you want to change their automatically-generated password, you'll have to log in under their Web ID:

User Post (2003-08-19 21:52:15 by gbdk)
Don't create announcement lists or discussion lists on the temporary domain name you get upon registering. Wait until your final domain name is in place, and THEN create all the lists you want.
User Post (2003-04-13 03:31:11 by jesseruderman)
Why can't I use the variable --their_email-- in the Unsubscribe Directions box as suggested by Jakob Nielsen at http://www.useit.com/alertbox/20000820.html?