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Question   What is an autoresponder?
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What is an autoresponder?
Autoresponders automatically send a pre-written email to everyone who writes to a designated email alias at your site.It's a good way of handling multiple similar requests that your site might generate.

And don't worry, the original email still goes through to you as well!

An Example:
You have a web page devoted to the art of Johannes Vermeer. 1000 people a day write to you@yourdomain.com, asking for more information about this great Dutch painter. What to do? Simply set up an email alias called vermeer@yourdomain.com (or whatever you want to call it), then create an autoresponder for this alias, containing links to other Vermeer sites, and basic information about the artist and his life. Now, every time someone writes to vermeer@yourdomain.com, an email with that information will be sent to them, and you didn't have to do a thing!

Last updated: Jan 20, 2003.

User Post (2005-03-01 09:43:51 by aph)
Does all the junk mail get a response as well?
User Post (2004-07-10 13:46:11 by diva)
I think Mailman lists have a subscribe address for subscribing by e-mail, so if you defined that address as an autoresponder, that would probably work. But it wouldn't affect people subscribing via the web.
User Post (2003-01-29 23:47:21 by livingearth)
How about a response to folks who subscribe to your discussion group list? Can you set up an autoresponder that will send a FAQ and notification they've been added to the list?

How so, please?