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Question   How do I set up anonymous FTP service?
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1. How do I set up anonymous FTP service?

How do I set up anonymous FTP service?
Currently only the level 3 and 4 plans include anonymous FTP service. If you don't have either of these plans, you must upgrade. If you're already on one of these plans, just follow these easy directions to set up your anonymous FTP service!
  1. Go to the "Domains > Anon FTP" area of our web panel.

  2. Click on the Configure Anonymous FTP link.

  3. If you don't have a plan that provides anonymous ftp, you'll be given the option to sign up for one now.

  4. Then you'll be asked to allocate a unique ip.. it should be straight-forward!
    Note: On Level3, you will need to purchase a unique ip, but Level 4 comes with it.

  5. Then you'll get to the page where you can configue ftp service. Hopefully by reading that page you'll understand what most of the options are!

  6. When you're done configuring the set up, just click Save Changes and your new Anonymous FTP service will be set up within a few hours (even though the page looks exactly the same).

  7. From there you can continue configuring your Anonymous FTP server, such as adding new directories with different permissions.

Last updated: Sep 05, 2004.

User Post (2004-08-26 19:55:47 by hbo)
If you want password authentication, you don't want anonymous ftp. Set up a user in the panel and restrict them to ftp only.

The anonymous user is probably named 'ftp' and/or 'anonymous'.
User Post (2004-03-03 20:05:44 by jg)
As I remember, you use 'anonymous' as login ID and your e-mail address as password. - Jos
User Post (2004-03-03 17:10:02 by dawn-mis)
No this does not help. How do you log in using the anon ftp.