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Question   I uploaded my site but I only see a "parent directory"
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I uploaded my site but I only see a "parent directory"

If you have uploaded your site via FTP but still only see a blank page with "Parent directory" inside of it when you go to your domain, this means either one of two things:

1.) You uploaded your files to the wrong directory.

2.) You uploaded your file to the wrong user account.

Uploaded your Files to the wrong directory
This is the most common problem that causes your site to not show up. When you login into your FTP account you will see a directory(s) that will have your domain name. (see image below for example)

You have to upload your website files in to the folder with your domain name on it. If you open your FTP account and see all of your files inside of your home directory you have uploaded them to the wrong location.

Many FTP programs have a section called "home directory", "Local Path", "Home Path", etc. this referrers to your domain directory, so for the above example photo you would put "sampledomain.com/" as your "home directory", "Local Path", "Home Path", etc. By entering "sampledomain.com/ as your "home directory", "Local Path", "Home Path", etc. your FTP program will automatically upload your files into your domains directory that you specified as your "home directory", "Local Path", "Home Path", etc.


Uploaded your Files to the wrong user account
An easy way to figure out if you used the wrong user is to check what user account the domain name points to. To do this you can login to your Web Panel > Domains > Manage Domains, click on "edit" for the domain you would like to check. https://panel.dreamhost.com/index.cgi?tree=domain.manage&
The user name will be displayed in the first section of the page, next to the "All CGI should run as user:" (see image below for example)

From the drop down menu go ahead and choose the user account you would like the domain to be located in.

So from the example image above,  if you uploaded your website files using the "padija" account to log in to FTP that means that your website would be uploaded into the "padija"  user account, you could either change the domain to point to the "padija" account so you would not have to re-upload your site again or you could either re-upload your website files using the seks03 account which this domain is already set to do.

Note: if you had to create the domain directory, chances are that you are using the wrong user account, our system automatically makes the domain directory(s) for the correct user account.

Last updated: Oct 23, 2005.