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Question   How do I manage my mysql database?
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How do I manage my mysql database?
There are multiple ways..
  1. By default we install "phpMyAdmin" for all MySQL databases, which gives a web-based interface to your tables and data at your database's hostname on the web (probably something like http://mysql.yourdomain.com/ ... you choose it yourself when setting up the db).
  2. You can from a shell prompt use mysql's command line interface too. just type mysql -h mysqlhostname.domain.com -u user -p dbname to connect.
  3. There are other ways with things like MS Access and client applications you can install on your home computer, but they aren't supported by us (though work if you know how to configure them yourself!). Note that if you're connecting from an IP that's not hosted with us (like say, your home or office) you'll need to add it through our web panel as an allowable IP to access your database!

Last updated: Aug 01, 2005.

User Post (2006-01-09 13:41:35 by volman)
%.%.%.% will allow anyone with the userid and password access to the database
User Post (2005-10-04 07:27:30 by robkohr)
If you would like to make it so non-dreamhost IP's can access a mysql db, do the following:

Go to dreamhost control panel->goodies->mysql

Click the modify link next to the user (Not the modify database) and change from there what hosts can connect as this user

%.dreamhost.com means only dreamhost hosts can connect (% is a wildcard, you could change this to just your ip. I think you can also do a comma seperated list but I am not sure.
User Post (2005-09-08 10:48:27 by mbialasinski)
An alternative to allow outside IPs is to use a ssh tunnel. When you have a dynamic IP, allowing any host to connect to your Database is not good security wise.

With a ssh tunnel, your database tools connect to a port on, which will forward the data to your dreamhost webserver, which will then open a connection to the database server. So for the database server, the connection is from inside dreamhost.

To set things up, you connect to your dreamhost webserver by ssh and order it to also open a tunnel to the DB server.

For the command line ssh, this is

ssh -L 3333:mysqlhostname.youdomain.com:3306 shelluser@yourdomain.com

Putty also offers this from the menus.

You then open connections in your mysql frontend to port 3333. Note that it must be, not localhost, as the later would use UNIX domain sockets.