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Question   How do I make an archive / archive page?
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How do I make an archive / archive page?
My Dreambook is full. I made a new book for people to sign, but want visitors to still be able to see the old book. How do you do that?

It's easy!

Even if your Dreambook is filled up, you can still link to it! You can link to as many books as you like! Here's how:

  • Link to many books from your page
    1. Open the web page that links to your dreambook.
    2. In the source code, change this line:

      <a href="http://books.dreambook.com/username/name_of_your_book.sign.html" target=_top>Sign</a> my Dreambook!

      so that it reads as follows:

      <a href="http://books.dreambook.com/username/name_of_your_book.html"> Old Book </a>

      where username is your username, name_of_your_book is the title of your guestbook, and Old Book is the name of the link you want people to click on to get to that particular old book.

      This will change this link: Sign My Dreambook!

      To this: Old Book

      And will direct visitors to the full book when they click on the link, instead of the sign form.

    3. You can do this for as many filled books as you like.

  • Creating an archive page: You can make a completely different page with links to your old books, and link it to your main page. It's pretty easy.

    1. Create a new html page [how do I do that?].
    2. Using the process described above, make a list of links to your old books.
    3. Link your archive page to your main page, by adding this code to your main page:

      <a href="http://www.yourdomain.com/archive.html"> Dreambook Archive </a> where www.yourdomain.com is your domain, archive.html is the name you give your archive page, and Dreambook Archive is the name of the link on which visitors can click to get to your archive page.

      This will put the following link on your main page: Dreambook Archive

      And will direct visitors to the web page you created with a list of old books, which may look something like this:

      Old Book #1
      Old Book #2
      Old Book #3
      Old Book #4

Last updated: Aug 29, 2001.