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More DreamHost Statistics

Sunday, November 20th, 2005

Continuing yesterdays post about DreamHost doubling the number of domains they are hosting in one year, I’ve dug up some older data.

April 1997:
DreamHost foundation

November 1998:
First 1000 customers

February 2000:
More than 10,000 websites

October 2001:
30,000 domains hosted

May 2002:
40,000 domains hosted

October 2004:
80,000 domains hosted

March 2005:
100,000 domains hosted

September 2005:
150,000 domains hosted

November 2005:
175,000 domains hosted

Domains Hosted at DreamHost

It’s interessting to see [...]

Double DreamHost

Saturday, November 19th, 2005

According to WebHosting.Info DreamHost has doubled the amount of domains they are hosting in one year. In November 2004 DreamHost was hosting 81,993 domains, and by November 2005 they have reached 166,892 domains. With this pace they will reach 200,000 domains just after New Year.
Still a dreamling though compared to Wild West Domains, Network Solutions [...]