DreamHost Newsletter – October 2008

  1. System-wide Upgrades
    DreamHost will be transitioning all customers to new servers over the course of the next year.

    The new set up should be:

    • more stable (the shared file servers are being phased out – they have caused to many troubles over the last two years)
    • higher performing (the new servers will be on average 4x more powerfull, but have less than 4 timer the number of customers)
    • cheaper to run (less data center and maintenance costs)

    Read the blog post for a few tips about how to ensure a smooth transition.

  2. Volunteer to Get Upgrades First
    Not afraid of breaking your applications, or like living on the cutting edge? If you volunteer to be one of the first to be moved to the new system you will be “upgraded” to unlimited disk and bandwidth, forever.
  3. Quarantined Mail via IMAP
    You can now access your junkmail quarantine folder via your IMAP client in case you use the junkmail filter. You need to enable the option in your webmail setting. Click “junkmail” on the left, then “settings”, then input a folder name for your spam.
  4. Webmail Upgraded to 1.4.15
    Squirrelmail has been upgraded to 1.4.15. No big changes.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Tonya R. Moore

4 Responses to “DreamHost Newsletter – October 2008”

  1. Aaron says:

    What happened to the suggestion for AAAA records? Are you guys still pushing for this?


  2. Will says:

    I’ve been wanting AAAA records for ages. I’ve already had to outsource some of my DNS hosting because of the lack of quad A records. :(

  3. DhammaSeeker says:

    Something to note for all users considering the ‘unlimited’ upgrade option is the policy change that “[r]eselling (or giving away) access to your account to others” is NOT allowed on the unlimited plan.

  4. AgainstPrivacyInvasions says:

    DreamHost’s poor customer service has led to a serious privacy invasion. When my client attempted to sign up for an account, the transaction hung halfway through. When customer service (which can only be reached by tedious email exchanges) “fixed” the problem, the pay by credit card option was no longer available. The customer service representative insisted that we use Google Payments. I proceeded, and then my client realized his financial information is now in the Google system. The worst possible scenario then came true. Instead of completing the transaction, Google called my client’s bank for “preapproval”. This was not to complete the transaction (which was never completed), but to gather information for Google’s marketing. My client is furious, reviewing everyone’s privacy policy, and is looking into ways to bring this problem up at the political, and possibly the legal, level.

    Throughout this whole situation, Dreamhost has been nothing but pig-headed. Every customer service representative ignores the case history and either refers us back to Google Payments or says patronizing things like we could have paid with the original credit card system. I offered them a solution where I quietly pay for the account using Google transactions, and they won’t even let me help bail them out!!!

    I will never refer another client to dreamhost. Right now I’m looking for the best place to air this complaint publicly in as many places as possible. People have to know that when Dreamhost pushes people into using Google Payments, Google then has their financial information to aggregate and deploy for their own purposes.