DreamHost Newsletter – September 2008

  1. 50 GB Free Personal Backups
    As previously written about, your web space is only intended for your websites and not for personal backups. Now every customer is offered 50 GB of storage for backups. The only caveat is, it will be hosted on a separate server, under a separate user account and DreamHost will not backup your backups. If 50 GB is not enough for you, extra space is only $0.10/month per GB.
  2. First week of DreamHost PS free
    When you sign up for DreamHost’s VPS solution DreamHost PS, you set your own memory limit and pay accordingly. Since it is nearly impossible to predict how much memory you will need when you start out, DreamHost now offers you the first week at maximum memory possible for free. After a week the memory will automatically be adjusted to the right level for you, unless you already have adjusted it manually.
  3. Control Panel Demo
    If you’re yet to sign up for hosting at DreamHost, you can now try out DreamHost’s own in-house developed control panel before you sign up at https://demo.dreamhost.com/.
  4. Getting SSL certificates is easier
    It’s now possible to order GeoTrust SSL certificates directly from the Control Panel. Previously you had to email the certificate to DreamHost, so the new integration is going to be a lot easier. The price for a SSL certificate is $90.96 a year + $47.40/year for the unique IP (but you can save up to 30% on the certificate by prepaying for multiple years).
  5. mod_fcgid and xcache for PHP
    DreamHost PS users can now choose to enable PHP xcache for great performance boosts. Check your DreamHost PS settings.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: chrisstreeter.com

8 Responses to “DreamHost Newsletter – September 2008”

  1. Justin Mitchell says:

    In regards to the new personal backups server, can rsync be used? This would make backups much easier, as well as reduce bandwidth and disk use on your servers.

  2. Life Tester says:

    you missed the unlimited disk space & bandwidth offer they had until September 10th :-)

  3. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Life Tester – Yeah, I know… Was away for a week, and the offer was gone when I came back :-(

  4. Anonymous says:

    It looks like no rsync, jsut ftp or sftp. Wish rsync was there.

  5. Iñaki Silanes says:

    Not only rsync is missing. ssh and scp also are. Apparently only SFTP (and FTP) is allowed, which sucks A LOT. Any sensible knowledgeable person will do her backups with scripts containing ssh/scp/rsync calls.

    What is the use of a stupid (for backups) tool that is interactive (i.e., can not be automated) and transfers whole files (i.e. wastes bandwidth and disk space)? One can use the unsecure FTP, but can not use scp? Ridiculous.

  6. Dreamhost scammed me says:

    Be careful of Dreamhost, they’re an awful group of thieves that have no problem stealing from innocent individuals.

  7. Mark Wilden says:

    I just realized that this blog is demoronicized version of the official newsletter.


  8. sheila bocchine says:

    are you going to blog today? will you tell me why my entire website is gone?


    did something happen in Dreamhost world?