DreamHost Newsletter – May 2008

  1. New One-Click Install: phpBB Forum

    phpBB is now available as a One-Click Install. DreamHost offers phpBB both in an easy-mode and advanced-mode. In easy-mode DreamHost will handle all upgrades, but you won’t be able to customize your theme or add plug-ins.
  2. New One-Click Install: OpenX Ad Server

    OpenX is an open source ad server used by more than 30,000 web publishers and on more than 100,000 sites. Formerly called OpenAds and phpadsnew prior to that.
  3. Merge all you your MYSQLs onto the same server
    If you’ve been customer for a few years, you might have you databases spread out on several servers (since you could only have one database per hostname). Now it’s possible to move all your databases onto one server (so you can manage them all from one hostname with the same username).
  4. We are now Blu (and still Green)
    DreamHost is one of the Most Democratic Workplaces 2008.
  5. New Charities
    This month DreamHost will match charities to The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Los Angeles and Communities In Schools.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Daniel Pitner

One Response to “DreamHost Newsletter – May 2008”

  1. Janusz says:

    What I would love to read some day soon is that all this talk from Dreamhost about their Private Servers results in lower prices *and* the ability to run software not found on the shared-servers, like: nginx, memcached, postgresql.