DreamHost Newsletter – February 2008

This month’s newsletter in condensed form:

  1. Sorry About the Billing
    I guess all of you have heard about DreamHost’s billing error 3 weeks ago? Otherwise see Um, Whoops, The Aftermath and The Final Update.
  2. Easy WordPress One-Click
    DreamHost now offers an “easy mode” for WordPress (probably based on WordPress MU), where DreamHost will take of all updates and maintenance. The blog comes with a selection of 50+ themes, but the downside is that you won’t be able to customize your theme, install new themes or install extra plugins.

    WordPress MU

  3. Mongrel for Ruby on Rails
    DreamHost PS users can now deploy their Ruby on Rails applications on the Mongrel ruby application server. More info in the wiki.
  4. Delete Unused Promo Codes
    Now you can delete unused promo codes from your panel, but only if they never have been used.
  5. New charities
    Kidd’s Kids and MIND Research Institute
    Remember, DreamHost will match all donations given by their customers.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Freeminders (Free WordPress Themes)

3 Responses to “DreamHost Newsletter – February 2008”

  1. riki says:

    One question that a colleague brought up. Is one mongrel instance going to be better that 3 fastcgi processes?

  2. LordMaX says:

    Freeminders is the best!! THX!! ;)

  3. dreamhost promo code says:

    riki, I think mongrel is way better that fastcgi processes…