Ruby on Rails upgraded to 2.0.2

Ruby on RailsDreamHost has just finished upgrading all servers to Ruby on Rails 2.0.2.

Rails 2.0 was released about a month ago and contains new features, loads of fixes and an incredible amount of polish.

The official Rails blog has an article describing a number of the more interesting new features in the release which appears to be quite extensive. have a list of all the updated gems and their new version numbers.

6 Responses to “Ruby on Rails upgraded to 2.0.2”

  1. Chris Johnson says:

    A little warning would have been nice. My site was down for 2 days while I figured out what to do to make it Rails 2.0 compliant.

  2. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Chris – I understand your frustation, but I guess it was briefly mentioned on the status blog.

  3. (e) says:

    Umm. And you COULD have edited your environment.rb file to force use of an older version of Rails while you updated the code. 30 seconds of work tops instead of 2 days of downtime.

  4. Webo Designer says:

    Yeah, why didn’t they give us a warning!! I’ve been working all morning to figure out what happened. All my Rails sites have been down for 2 days now!! Thank you, DreamHost!!!

  5. rick says:

    hooray, rails 2.0! can’t wait to play.

  6. Damon Stephenson says:

    Hurrah! I’ve been waiting for this update :D