Get a free Ruby on Rails book from SitePoint

Build Your Own Ruby-on-Rails Web ApplicationsSitePoint is now giving away the full PDF version of their Ruby on Rails books Build Your Own Ruby on Rails Web Applications.

I briefly mentioned the book back in February, when they were giving away the first four chapters, but this time it’s the entire book (12 chapters – 447 pages) you can download.

The book covers everything from installing Ruby, Rails and MySQL (well I guess DreamHost does this part for you), to building and deploying a fully featured web application.

Complete Rails Book Free

The offer has already been very popular and the book has now been downloaded more than 50.000 times.

The giveaway expires by the end of November.

4 Responses to “Get a free Ruby on Rails book from SitePoint”

  1. DhammaSeeker says:

    Thanks for the tip and information!

  2. db says:

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I’m dropping some cash on some CSS books so something for free would be nice.

  3. Nathan Friedly says:

    I had to sign up about 7 times before they actualy emailed me the link. The first 3-4 they kept trying to give me the first 4 chapters instead of the entire book.

    If anyone else is having this much trouble, here is the link directly to the book:

  4. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Thanks Nathan – I think SItePoint’s webshop has been overwhelmed with traffic since releasing the book… I had no problems downloading the book though.