Free Hosting to Lunarpages Refugees

Lunarpages has silently added a new 404 File Not Found page to all customer accounts. The page displays the domain name of the account holder, a search box which returns sponsored ad results and a number of links (dating, mortgage, ringtones, etc.) to Oversee’s PPC search engine

While the customer’s domain name is displayed, there is no link back to the customer’s website and Lunarpages are thereby effectively stealing traffic from its customers!

You can see an example error page if you go to

Lunarpages 404 File Not Found

If you recognize the layout of the error page it’s because the same page is used by many domain parking services and expired domain holding pages.

The issue has been discussed intensely at Web Hosting Talk, while any threads about the issue started at Lunarpages Forums are apparently swiftly deleted.

When the legality of these error pages was brought up, Lunarpages quickly updated their TOS to include the following passage:

In an effort to help create the best possible user experience we have created a series of content sensitive error pages which are displayed in the event any user enters an erroneous URL for any activated domain name within the Lunarpages server structure. You may use our error page at no extra charge and you hereby grant to Lunarpages a limited, non-exclusive license to use any right you may have in any mark consisting of, derivative of or related to the domain name for the purpose of displaying such error pages under your domain name or any sub-page thereof in the event that for any reason your page fails to resolve or does not exist. Such error pages may at the option of lunarpages contain links to your domain, to Lunarpages or to any other site or service.

In a move to lure away customers from their competitor, DreamHost is now offering one year of free hosting for Lunarpages refugees who want to escape this sleazy practice.

7 Responses to “Free Hosting to Lunarpages Refugees”

  1. VOO says:

    That Josh feller sure does know how to deliver a proper smackdown, does he not?

    Oh, to have been a flea on her poodle (don’t all pretentious LA chicks have poodles?) when she was told about that posting… could probably fry up some bacon on her checks and brew some sweet tea on her forehead at that moment!

  2. rlparker says:

    This last post has got to be one of Josh’s finest (and that’s saying a lot!). It’s right up there on my list of “all time great blog posts”, and sure to be a “classic” Rock ON!

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  4. Clay says:

    Just for the record, though, Lunar Pages has evidently gone back to having the non-specific 404 errors.

    If only I could get Charter(my cable/internet-service company) to go back to having a DNS server that didn’t serve me spam, so that I didn’t have to use a 3rd party DNS server.

    And if only ICANN would crack down on domain sampling…


  5. Tim says:

    Does anyone known when the DreamhostPS MySQL servers will be available?

    I am one of the lucky few who has a DreamhostPS web server, though DH keeps telling me that they are still developing their MySQL VPS solution and it’s not even ready to give to customers yet.

    Days, weeks, months?

  6. mypapit says:

    2 years of hosting with Dreamhost, already their hosting service has become more and more crappy… oh shit

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