New Pricing Structure at DreamHost

Looks like DreamHost is launching a new pricing structure together with their birthday promo.

Features included with all accounts

There is currently only 1 service plan (which includes 500 GB disk storage and 5 TB monthly bandwidth) and a number of new add-on options:

  • Premium Phone Support ($9.95/month)
  • Double to 1 TB Disk Storage ($9.95/month)
  • Double to 10 TB Bandwidth ($9.95/month)
  • VPN Access ($19.95/month)

DreamHost Account Upgrades

So goodbye Crazy Domain Insane, Sweet Dreams, Code Monster and Strictly Business. Hello One Plan Fits All!

Actually the change is not that big, since the last couple of years the biggest difference between the plans has been that the Crazy Domain Insane didn’t include phone support and the Strictly Business included VPN access and a free secure certificate.

Another change to the payment structure is the payment periods. It is now possible to prepay for 10 years!

  • Pay Monthly @ $10.95/month + $49.95 setup = $60.90
  • Pay Yearly @ $9.95/month + no setup = $119.40 (9% off)
  • Pay for 2 Years @ $8.95/month + no setup = $214.80 (18% off)
  • Pay for 3 Years @ $7.95/month + no setup = $286.20 (27% off)
  • Pay for 5 Years @ $6.95/month + no setup = $417.00 (36% off)
  • Pay for 10 Years @ $5.95/month + no setup = $714.00 (45% off)

New customers signing up today will get an additional $110.10 discount.

10 years is a life time in the hosting business, so I can’t imaging many will use this option, but probably quite a few will sign up for 2-3 years.

3 Responses to “New Pricing Structure at DreamHost”

  1. Aaron says:

    I was amazed today to find out that I had 10TB of bandwidth. However, kind of wish they’d bumped me up to 1TB of disk space also since I was paying for the Crazy Insane Domain plan.

  2. Randall Fitzgerald says:

    Yeah, I was stoked to see the bandwidth jump, but when i went to check the disk space, i was all “uhwhaaaa?” It’s ok, DreamHost. I still love you. But if you ever feel like jumping the disk space, I’ll BE THERE! :D

  3. Matt Andrews says:

    DH increasing the bandwidth to 10TB is sorta like Gmail giving us 2GB of space. Most customers will never hit those limits, and if the recent downtime continues, it’ll just become a meaningless figure. I like them and everything, but this won’t affect too many of us.