Happy Birthday DreamHost

It was hinted last week that DreamHost would announce something today Monday – and I’ve got a hunch about what it is!

DreamHost’s 10 Years Birthday is approaching and traditionally this has been celebrated with a fantastic birthday promo for new customers. Many of you will remember the crazy 777 promo for DreamHost’s 7th birthday, which gave 1 year of hosting for 77 cents/month, the 8-year birthday which gave unlimited domains to everybody and 80% off new accounts and last year birthday where everybody got double the amount of bandwidth, ten times the amount of disk space and new customers could get $99.99 off.


Rumours I’ve got from reliable sources tells that this year DreamHost will offer a special birthday plan with more storage and bandwidth than the Strictly Business plan, but cheaper then the Crazy Domain Insane plan!

Stay tuned for more breaking news about DreamHost’s Birthday Promo.

2 Responses to “Happy Birthday DreamHost”

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  2. Silveira Neto says:

    Can I create my own U$ 110 promocode?