DreamHost Birthday Promo

The promo is live now :

Dreamhost Birthday Promo

500 GB Disk Storage, 5 TB Monthly Bandwidth, plus many more features – from $5.95/month!

Happy Birthday DreamHost

Sign up for hosting with DreamHost TODAY and prepay for a year of service (or more) using the promo code 10ten10diez10dix10dieci10shi and get an instant discount of $110.10 of your bill!

This means that you can get 1 year of hosting for only $9.30 (normal price $119.40) if you’re a new DreamHost customer:

Dreamhost Birthday Bonanza

Full details here: Happy Birthday to US!

6 Responses to “DreamHost Birthday Promo”

  1. DreamHost Promo Code says:

    It has already been submitted to Digg.

  2. MK☆ says:

    From the popup thingie;

    DreamHost turned 10 on September 24th, 2007! What’s that mean for you? INSANE SAVINGS, of course!

    Ten years is a long, long time in this business! To celebrate we’re having an absolutely CRAZY sale!

    Sign up for hosting with us TODAY and prepay for a year (or more) of service using the promo code 10ten10diez10dix10dieci10shi (yes, that entire crazy thing). We’ll give you an INSTANT discount of $110.10 off your bill!

    Act fast though – this code is only valid for the first 1010 customers!

    The Fine Print:

    * This offer is for new customers only – those who do not currently have an active account with DreamHost and have not had one in the past.
    * If you sign up and forget to use the “10ten10diez10dix10dieci10shi” promotional code, you WILL NOT receive the sale pricing. No amount of complaining will change this!
    * Domains and accounts may not be transferred from an existing DreamHost Web Hosting account to a “10ten10diez10dix10dieci10shi” hosting plan.
    * We reserve the right to deny this sale pricing to anyone at our discretion.
    * This offer only applicable to 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 year prepaid accounts; monthly accounts are not eligible.
    * This sale will remain in effect until the ‘10ten10diez10dix10dieci10shi’ code has been redeemed by 1010 new customers.
    * At the end of your prepayment term your account will be automatically extended at the current (non-discounted) rate. You will then be asked to pay for your account if you’d like to keep it. If you do not wish to continue at that time, you may close your account via our control panel.

    No referral credit will be provided to referers of customers who sign up for this promotional sale.

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  4. Dan says:

    So does this mean that all those promo codes created by affiliates are no longer giving the (new) DreamHost customers any discount, and that (thus) affiliates will no longer make any money promoting DreamHost?


  5. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    All the customer-generated promo codes still work and theoretical it’s still possible for affiliates to make money, except it’s pretty hard to compete with DreamHost’s current promotion (which affiliates can’t make any commission on).

    When the birthday promotion ends the game will be open for everybody again ;-)

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