Private MySQL Servers

When DreamHost launched Private Servers a month ago, the biggest complaint was that MySQL would still be a bottleneck, since it would continue to be run on shared servers.

Now DreamHost introduces DreamHost PS MySQL.

  • Now, you can get exactly the same sort of memory and cpu isolation you’re used to from DreamHost PS for your MySQL databases as well!
  • DreamHost PS MySQL is completely separate from DreamHost PS; you can get either one without the other, neither or both!
  • For MySQL, CPU time is much less important than RAM and disk speed (MySQL PS uses local, raided, high-speed SAS drives). Since it is not a potential bottleneck, on MySQL PS CPU time is approximate… though still proportional to your RAM level.
  • If you get both DreamHost PS for your web server and for your MySQL, you get 20% off your combined monthly DreamHost PS fees!

Prices are the same as for the web server: From 150 MHz CPU and 150 MB RAM for $15/month to 2300 MHz CPU and 2300 MB RAM for $230/month (but you get 20% off if you get both the PS web server and the PS MySQL server).


The Control Panel has been updated accordingly.

2 Responses to “Private MySQL Servers”

  1. BUGabundo says:

    soon, they will provide FULL VPS… lol

  2. huxley says:

    While I love the idea of PS mysql I wish they’d focus on working through the waiting list they already started.