DreamHost Newsletter – July 2007

Time for another newsletter in condensed form:

  1. Winners of the iPhone Contest
    nyquil.org won the iPhone contest. The 2nd and 3rd prizes can be found on the official blog.
  2. iTunes Backup for Mac
    DreamHost customers can now get a free year of Bandwagon (Mac software to back up your iTunes library to your DreamHost account).
  3. Support Attachments
    It’s now possible to include attachments to your support messages. Great if you want to upload screenshots, log files, etc. to your support request.
  4. FTP Hack Explanation
    Latest info about the compromised FTP passwords in the blog. Apparently the main problem was users using FTP (which is an unencrypted protocol) instead of the more secure SFTP protocol. I strongly recommend to take a look at my 3 Tips for Secure Communication.
  5. New Charities
    Public Counsel and Apraxia-KIDS
  6. Vote On Us
    DreamHost is nominated for two Blogger’s Choice Awards in the Best Blogging Host category and the Best Corporate Blog category.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: HorseGirlTV

One Response to “DreamHost Newsletter – July 2007”

  1. Chad Bergeron says:

    The real bummer here is that Bandwagon is free, but uses that insecure FTP protocol which lets your password be easily compromised. Shame that it seems the left hand of Dreamhost giveth, while the right hand taketh away. Can we leverage a little pressure onto the Bandwagon folks to release an SFTP version real soon now? Too bad they can’t just drop in one of the easy to use libraries, but they’ve got a commercial product, and I think the libraries are all GPL…

    Still, I would recommend Dreamhost customers _not_ use Bandwagon until an SFTP version is available.

    Or that Dreamhost puts together some _very_ clear documents on port forwarding?