DreamHost Newsletter – June 2007

The newest DreamHost Newsletter in condensed form: 

  1. Your Own DreamHostStatus Feed
    personalized-rss-feed.gifPersonalized RSS feed with news from dreamhoststatus.com. The feed only contains news about events regarding your Web, Email or MySQL server. You’ll find the link to your RSS feed in your Account Status.
  2. Power Switcheroo
    Redundant power to 12 more racks.
  3. Tiny Panel Changes
    New login page, faster load times and “Access Privileges” moved to “Users”-tab.
  4. Ruby on Rails Upgraded
    RoR upgraded to 1.2.3 as previously reported.
  5. Vote on Us
    DreamHost nominated to a Bloggers Choice Award.
    DreamHost Site of the Month: Hybercombofinish.

One Response to “DreamHost Newsletter – June 2007”

  1. AskApache says:

    #6 Is actually askapache.com, entertaining at least!