Ruby on Rails upgraded to 1.2.3

As announced two weeks ago a new version of Ruby on Rails has just been rolled out.

DreamHost is now running Rails version 1.2.3 and Ruby version 1.8.5.

This update in mainly a maintenance release making Rails compatible with the newest version of Ruby (1.8.6).

Only two new gems has been added in this update: ruby-debug and tzinfo. ruby-debug is a command line interface for ruby-debug-base (a replacement for drb breakpointer) and tzinfo is a daylight-savings aware timezone library.

The following gems have been upgraded in the same process: actionmailer (1.3.3), actionpack (1.13.3), actionwebservice (1.2.3), activerecord (1.15.3), activesupport (1.4.2), rake (0.7.3).

4 Responses to “Ruby on Rails upgraded to 1.2.3”

  1. Jamal says:


    What’s new about them?

    I tried to update my rails but nothing new came up?

    Is this the real command?

    gem update rails


  2. Scott says:

    I’ve been learning Ruby on Rails, but like Jamal said, I really don’t see much difference between the versions. Was this a bugfix release?

  3. gilmae says:

    I probably didn’t read the announcement very well; I totally missed the bit where DH said it would be removing the 1.1.16 gems. Yeah yeah, I should have frozen my gems. I would have had I realised DH would take the extra step to actually remove the existing gems.

  4. iJames says:

    Not getting it. Trying to use form as a block statement and it doesn’t work, trying to use debug(), and it says method not found. Aren’t these supposed to work that way by v 1.2.3