Lucky Contest Winners

The winner of the When-Will-DreamHost-Pass-500,000-Domains Contest has now been found.

The Big 5-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh!The other DreamHost Blog started to announce the winners of our contest yesterday, but they jumped the gun and didn’t get the details straight, probably because Josh was in a rush not to be scooped again… ;-)

The question wasn’t when DreamHost would announce that they passed 500,000, but which exact day it happened according to WebHosting.Info.

The correct answer was May 13th, 2007!

Nobody had the right answer, but 6 out of the 108 entries were within one day of the correct answer. Keating and Razy was one day early and Kevin Hatfield, Jessica, May and SC was one day late.

iPod ShuffleOut of these six entries Jessica Yu from Calgary, Canada has been drawn as the lucky winner of an iPod Shuffle.

Congrats Jessica. The iPod is on its way…

But that’s not it…

Josh from DreamHost has kindly agreed to sponsor an $80 account credit (the cost of an iPod shuffle) to the five runner-ups: John Keating, Razy, Kevin Hatfield, May, Sze Chuen Tan and to the two who guessed on May 15th, 2007: George Tyshchenko and Matt Skorina. Congrats to all of you!

Finally is just to say thank you too all the participants and to DreamHost for sponsoring the gift certificates.

5 Responses to “Lucky Contest Winners”

  1. Kevin Hatfield says:

    Thanks guys! Extremely grateful.

  2. sc says:

    Thanks for the runner-up prize. Did not really expect this. Great blog indeed!

  3. Mike says:

    This is very cool !

  4. Keating says:


    A day early, eh? I guess that’ll teach me not to be so optimistic. :)

  5. razy says:

    Cool, thanks!