DreamHost Discussion Forum 6 Years Today

DreamHost Discussion Forum turns 6 years today and like last year I’m going to use the opportunity to publish some stats from the forums.

General stats:

In 6 years the forum have had 78,067 posts, in 15,824 threads, submitted by 9,834 registered users (plus countless of anonymous users). The forum has grown considerably the last year with more than 6,000 threads and 34,000 new posts. Also a big welcome to the more than 4,000 new registered users.


Posts Per Month
Active Threads Per Month
Active Users Per Month

Most active boards:

Posts Threads Board
35664 7431 General Troubleshooting
11345 1626 Curious About DreamHost?
9566 2114 Beginner’s Forum
7097 1910 3rd Party Software & Scripts
6960 1656 Programming
3512 324 Offtopic Discussion
1477 269 Web Design
927 142 * Beta Testing *
582 143 Multimedia
522 152 E-Commerce
415 58 Promotion

Most active boards (last 12 months):

Posts Threads Board
15021 2928 General Troubleshooting
6455 727 Curious About DreamHost?
4125 840 Beginner’s Forum
2881 682 Programming
2650 740 3rd Party Software & Scripts
1685 95 Offtopic Discussion
458 89 Web Design
323 87 Multimedia
263 15 * Beta Testing *
233 27 Promotion
85 30 E-Commerce

General Troubleshooting, Curious About DreamHost? and Beginner’s Forum continues to be the most popular forums, while Beta Testing, Promotion and E-Commerce remains pretty dead.

Most active users (all-time):

Posts Username Title
2691 rlparker DH DreamMaster!
2556 Raz2133 DH DreamMaster!
2128 matttail DH DreamMaster!
2077 scjessey DH DreamMaster!
2000 ardco DH DreamMaster!
1941 will DH Pooh-Bah
1349 Anonymous
1126 wholly DH DreamNinja
995 Atropos7 DH DreamNinja
984 norm1037 DH DreamNinja

Most active users (last 12 months):

Posts Username Title
2484 rlparker DH DreamMaster!
2221 Raz2133 DH DreamMaster!
1177 scjessey DH DreamMaster!
1118 wholly DH DreamNinja
932 nathan823 DH DreamNinja
820 sdayman DH DreamNinja
745 norm1037 DH DreamNinja
706 seiler DH DreamNinja
678 matttail DH DreamMaster!
532 anonymous2 DH Grizzled Veteran

rlparker and Raz2133 have both written more than 2000 post the last 12 months, which brings them right to the top on the all time Most Active Users chart. wholly and norm1037 are also newcomers on the the chart.

Most active threads (all-time):

Posts Thread Started by Started on
1035 DreamHost Word Association Redux scjessey 01/20/07
322 DreamHost Word Association wjd 05/21/05
123 Everything slow? feldmahler 02/21/06
116 Is anyone still having problems? 614mike 07/24/06
98 Question for Administrator Athlon1600 12/16/06
94 I’m Just Leaving…to HostMonster.Com DABEAR 01/12/07
90 SEO basics? brighthearted 10/15/06
84 Questions about the fax thing… gasparov 11/02/06
84 Anyone else notice sites going down? BrandonOBrien 09/08/06
82 Files Forever! Josh 10/03/06
82 Getting Lost in Tech Support Blue 10/14/06
76 Policy on affiliate links…? Jeff @ DreamHost 04/05/05
75 Server Slow? schweb 01/05/05
75 APC installed on Dreamhost? It was done… TECK 06/12/06
73 panel6.dreamhost.com Josh 02/28/07
68 Beta-testing email logins using address! nate 05/29/06
65 Favorite Browsers 2005ed sierko 03/18/05
65 Domain Hijackers ? Father Luke 03/25/05
62 Dreamhost, you are a terrible host Evan 01/08/07
61 Scheduling posts on MT willdex 11/25/06

14 of top 20 most active threads has been created within the last 12 months. As always a bit of controversy creates the longest threads…

Congratulations to all the forum users, and let us hope that the next year will bring as many helpful, interesting and controversial discussions as we’re used to!

9 Responses to “DreamHost Discussion Forum 6 Years Today”

  1. faragerri says:

    I don’t use the forums that much. I don’t like the design. I think they once talked about switching to another software, didn’t they?

  2. Lasse Hedegaard says:

    I would really like another forum too – like vBulletin og phpBB. I think this would be great for all customers – and Dreamhost – since the forum would be used more (and the support team could relax a little more).

  3. Simon Jessey says:

    That’s funny. My doctor has always told me I’m nowhere near active enough.

  4. Henrik says:

    rlparker FTW! :)

  5. rlparker says:

    That’s a great piece of reporting work, and very interesting. I knew I had answered quite a few posts, but I had no idea it had been that many! 8-). Thanks for compiling that information.

  6. Pete V Happy DreamHost Employee says:


    Anyhow, I personally would love to use bbPress instead.. but I don’t see us replacing forums that we built ourselves in perl, with somebody else’s php-based solution. This company has its pride (and prejudices. grin.)

  7. Pete V Happy DreamHost Employee says:

    Huh! I’ve just been informed by one of the honchos that we didn’t build that forum software ourselves. I was mistaken!

  8. rlparker says:

    Pete V:

    I actually went looking for that forum software a couple of times (via the link in the forum FAQ). Several years ago, the perl version was available, but wasn’t “free” – recently, that link in the FAQ takes you to a site that has a “free” forum that looks a “little similar”, but it is written in PHP and is clearly *not* the same code.

    It looks like you guys have a true “antique” piece of software!

  9. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    The forum software is WWWThreads original available from wwwthreads.com.

    WWWThreads was started in 1997 and existed in both a PHP and a Perl version. The price for a personal, non-profit license was $100 and commercial licence was $200.

    In November 2001 the company was bought by Infopop and the forum software was renamed to Ultimate Bulletin Board or UBBThreads (PHP only).

    Infopop was later renamed to Groupee and changed focus to be a blogging platform. At the same time UBB.threads was moved to UBBcentral.com, where it still exists today.

    I’m not sure that the software that now exists on wwwthreads.com has anything to do with the software the DreamHost Discussion Forum is running.