Control Panel upgraded to Web 2.0

Two days ago Jeff cryptically wrote: “…it’s on its way!”. And if you haven’t already guessed what he was hinting at, here comes…

DreamHost has just upgraded their Control Panel with a new design and a number of “web 2.0″ features. The new design is more in line with the newish frontpage and is more modern in both look and technology.


The new menu looks more professional and visual more appealing. It does not currently have any new menu items, but all pages and forms have been redesigned and are now more clearly laid-out.


The new design uses a small bit of Ajax (with the prototype library), e.g. for the handy Account Status dropdown, and I think we can expect more use of fancy features in the future. Another “Web 2.0″ feature is a tag-cloud-like menu on the frontpage of the Control Panel.


The Official DreamHost Weblog has just been updated with more about the new design.

Hat tip: Kevin

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  3. Ron Lambkin says:

    Nice job. I thought I was in the wrong pew at first!

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