Power Outage This Weekend

DreamHost has just announced that all servers and websites will be offline for approximately five hours the night between Saturday and Sunday (from 11:15 PM PST , Saturday night, February 24th).

The building where one of DreamHost’s three data centers is located need immediate repair of a faulty power cable and the entire building’s power will therefore be taken offline for approximately 3 hours. DreamHost will start to shut off all equipment 45 minutes before and hope to have everything back up one hour after.

Since the affected data center is home of all core routers and upstream providers, all websites will be affected (including www.dreamhost.com and blog.dreamhost.com). Email sent to customers will be deferred on the sending server and will be delivered once service is restored.

status.dreamhost.com and one of the nameservers (ns2) will not be affected since they are kept on a completely unrelated network, at a fourth data center, in San Francisco.

Update: The power outage caused a dead core router and some file server to loose their configuration. There’s currently more than a 1000 comments from frustrated customers in the status blog.

Update: DreamHost’s Super Lame Apology.

4 Responses to “Power Outage This Weekend”

  1. Jake says:

    Apparently their datacenter has never heard of *using* the backup generators.

  2. Greg says:

    No mention on this blog that Dreamhost will change the default home directory permissions.


    That somewhat surprises me since this blog seems to know what DH is doing before DH does.

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