DreamHost CEO Josh Jones Proposed via Google

A recent review of DreamHost pointed out that the guys at DreamHost seemed like a bunch of geeks (in a good way). Well, Valentine’s Day made me think at a funny story from a DreamHost newsletter three years ago, so judge for yourself:

Oh, didn’t I mention? I got engaged! Oh yeah, I did mention. But did I mention how? Well, this is how! I added google.com to the DreamHost DNS servers (um, maybe you noticed if for some reason you were using lynx to go to Google directly from our servers back around May 16th) and set up a fake Google website! Then I changed the picture at the top and changed our home DNS servers to be DreamHost’s (instead of Earthlink’s DSL like they normally are). So if you went to www.google.com from our house, you got the fake version I’d set up on our servers! Mwah hwah hwah hwah!

Well, “Tweeny” goes to Google a lot, so Saturday night I switched it over and next thing you knew, Sunday morning she was all “How much did you have to pay Google?!”… check it out, I archived it at:


Aren’t I romantic? And a huge nerd? Worse than those guys in line for Star Wars that Triumph the Insult Dog interviewed? Probably.

Google screenshot

When you clicked the header it searched “Tweeny, will you marry me?” in Google…

Google screenshot

…and the top result was of course Josh’s marriage proposal.

Josh Jones

Barry Schwartz from Search Engine Roundtable kind of did the same thing a year later… And in case you wonder… Both girls said yes!

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  2. GaMerZ says:

    Nice idea

  3. Doomedelite says:

    That’s sexy, I should do that…

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  5. Jan says:

    Duh, a hosts entry would have done