Learn Ruby on Rails

For everyone who has wanted to try out Ruby on Rails, but found the task a bit daunting: SitePoint has just published a Ruby on Ruby on Rails tutorial for beginners.

The tutorial is in fact two chapters (chapter 3 and 4) from their new Ruby on Rails book: Build Your Own Ruby On Rails Web Applications by Patrick Lenz. You can also download the first 4 chapters as a PDF file (pdf).

The book shows you how to develop a Web 2.0 social news application (like digg.com) with Rails 1.2 (the version DreamHost is currently rolling out) and requires no knowledge of neither Ruby nor Rails.

If you like the sample you can buy the book (12 chapters) for $29.95 for the PDF edition or $39.95 (+ shipping) for the hard copy book.

2 Responses to “Learn Ruby on Rails”

  1. Todd Huss says:

    If you’re going to use Dreamhost for Ruby on Rails and you have issues with site stability you might try my dreamhost plugin:


  2. Unofficial DreamHost Blog says:

    Thanks for your tip Todd. Much appreciated.